Deprived of foreign beaches, Muscovites rediscover the leisure activities of yesteryear

Aliaoukhovo (Russia) (AFP) - Learn Cossack traditions, rediscover the Soviet tradition of open-air cinema: deprived of Mediterranean beaches, Muscovites have drawn on history to entertain themselves during the summer and overcome the monotony of their dachas .

Since the spring and the confinement decreed because of the new coronavirus, tens of thousands have migrated to their country homes.

While most restrictions have been lifted since July, Russia's borders have remained closed, so many residents of the capital also spend their summer vacation at the dacha, long neglected in favor of more exotic and sunny destinations.

And they organized themselves to make everyday life more entertaining than mowing lawns and reaping the fruits of the garden.

Ephemeral museum of Soviet objects found in attics, amateur shows, country walks to discover the flora ...So many activities organized by and for the "datchniki".

"Usually in July we would go to Greece or Italy.This summer we organize leisure activities at home that make sense," Snejana Goloubeva, 40-year-old cosmetologist told AFP.

Twice a week, she and her teenage son participate in free workshops organized by Cossacks in the village of Aliaoukhovo, 60 km from Moscow.

On the menu today: learn popular songs in Russian and Ukrainian, under the direction of Nikolai Dolgopol, 69, retired army lieutenant-colonel and dean of the regional cossack factory.

"Deprived of their Thailand and Turkey, many young strollers arrive here and discover traditional values that they lacked", he summarizes.

- Back to basics -

While her son is taking a Cossack martial art class, Snejana and others head for the meadows.

Posted Date: 2021-01-08

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