Between fencing and "Star Wars" choreography, the promising beginnings of the lightsaber

In the half-light, two green light sticks shoot out and flutter.In the circular arena, delimited by a colored band, the two fighters await the referee's command.The score is 10 everywhere.Maxime Fayt, on the right , has just made an incredible comeback against Anthony Lococo, on the left, thanks to two keys on the helmet.He is about to knock down the defending champion.But Anthony controls his "commitment weapon" and, by touching the helmet of his opponent, retains his title of winner of the national lightsaber tournament.

In his early thirties, goatee and brown hair in a bun, Anthony Lococo has the typical profile of a lightsaber practitioner: he is a Star Wars fan and has practiced several martial arts.A sports educator, he discovered this discipline "by chance".Less than three years ago and affiliated since May 2018 to the French Fencing Federation (FFE).In his club in Essone, the champion trains once a week.On the program, for two hours: "A warm-up physics, katas and disarmament techniques ”, describes the one who also gives lessons, several times a week.

Bravo to Anthony Lococo (Académie de Fontenay-le-Vicompte) winner of this national tournament @Acad_SabreLaser 👏 Maxim…

Sabers "stronger than a bone"

Sunday February 10, they were 34 - including two women - came from all over France to compete in the national lightsaber tournament in Beaumont-sur-Oise (Val-d'Oise).They were divided into four arenas for the "time.of the reckless ”, the chicken phase.In Jedi language, this first phase precedes the“ time of the brave ”and the“ time of the conquerors ”.

Posted Date: 2020-12-08

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