Beginning judo: what equipment to bring?

Judo is a martial art and a combat sport focused on defense. It is practiced without a weapon and opposes two opponents each wishing for the fall of the other. It is the third most practiced sport in France. During the practice, it is necessary to use the force and movements of his opponent to destabilize him. For its practice, some accessories are essential to provide. To this end, this article presents the various equipment to be provided to begin judo.

Equipment to equip the dojo

The dojo is the temple of Judo and for this place to be conducive to the practice of this martial art, it must have a good tatami and wall protections.

The tatami for judo

The traditional Japanese tatami are used both for home equipment and martial arts practice. Once made of cotton, they are 91 cm x 182 cm. Easier to maintain, vinyl is now the most common.Two types of tatamis are available on the market, regardless of the covering: tatamis with naked underside or case the tatamis are not non-slip, you can put a non-slip mat on the floor or hold them with a wooden frame.the ideal thicknesses are 4 cm and 5 cm.

Wall protection

The wall protector is a foam covering with a density of between 20 and 30 kg/m2.the foam is covered with a coated fabric tarpaulin.the wall protector helps to cushion the holds during a fight, as it is resistant.The wall protection allows to cushion the catches during a fight, because it is resistant. It becomes obligatory if the distance between the wall and the tatami is less than 1 m. According to the dimensions of the room, the installation of the protections is modulable. For an adjustment as close as possible to the needs of each one, you can cut the panels. The multipurpose rooms will need a removable protection.

Equipment for judoka

For good practice, three pieces of equipment are essential to guarantee the safety and comfort of judokas: the kimono, the belt and the zooris. Sometimes punching bags can be useful if you practice several martial arts, but don’t ruin yourself for that, think smart when buying a second-hand punching bag.

The kimono

The kimono consists of three parts: the uwagi, the zubonun and the obi.the uwagi is a jacket made of generally heavy cotton or a woven cotton blend with a high grammage.the zubonun is a pair of light canvas trousers and the obi is a cotton belt.The weight of your kimono is very important in its choice, because it represents its resistance and flexibility. Kimonos for judoka must be very resistant, because they are called to exert a maximum of weight and force in their holds. The kimono must therefore be of good quality with a weight of 750g/m2. Want to know more plus ? Please consult this guide to choose your judo kimono.

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